Strike of the telecom operators in Guinea

Strike of the telecom operators in Guinea

On the 12th of July 2021, the sindicate of the Telecom operator in Guinea (FESATEL), started an indefinite strike mainly to protest against increased tax.

But the strike did not seem to bother the government and the regulator warned the operators to make sure the services are not impacted.

On the 22nd of July 2021, Orange Guinée, the main operator and MTN, the number 2 informed their customers that they are stopping the bonuses they were giving upon recharge, Orange decided to apply this directly on the next day even though many of their customers were not informed, MTN had said they will start applying from the 26th, but finally informed their customers that they will no longer be following on that decision.

They question is, why this decision of stopping bonuses, was it to rally the population to their cause?

Did this work, or they simply succeeded in putting the population against them?

Why they change of mind of MTN, how does this impact the unity at  FESATEL?

Did MTN change their mind on their own, or where they pressure into it?

How come Orange still hold on?

And will FESATEL and the government ever going to come to an agreement? In my opinion it is unlikely because the government already said that it is to the bosses to discuss about tax not the sindicate, and if they do not, what is FESATEL next plan?


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