Guinea, What d’ont we know

Guinea, What d’ont we know

There seems to be a sudden need for the Guinean government to feel the state funds, as several recent decisions are going in that direction, such as new vehicle plaque, increase tax for the telecom operators which leaded to a strike during a negotiation of which the director of the regulation authority said that the wanted to increase fuel, which they finally ended up increasing which in turn resulted in an increase in transport fee.

And now apparently, the state workers will be receiving 5% less of their salary as part of a state contribution that the state use to handle at 100%, this contribution is normally 23% of the salary, of which the state handles 18 and the employee 5, but the state use to pay all 23%. it normal to come back to the way it should be but why now, why all this changes are happening now.

a) is it to put in the continuous development of the country (better hospitals, roads…….), or

b) as usual it just so they can steal it for their own.

As an eternal optimist, I will go for a, even thought there is no real precedent.

So let us know what you think. 

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