Guinea coup

Guinea coup

On Sunday 5th of September 2021, the Guinean special forces staged a coup, arrested the president, dissolved the Government because they want to free the population, so they say.

But what is the real reason behind this coup.

Since the day of the coup, more information has been unfolded.

According to a certain Fama Kante, in a video that has been shared through social networks, all this is the result of actions of the ex ministry of defense, Mohamed Diane. According to the contain of this video, the president Alpha Conde is sick, his holiday was actually a health check up, and the doctors gave him about 2 years.  Mohamed Diane got the information and knowing that in case the president was to pass away, the head of the country will be head of the Assemble, so if he was to be president, i has to be a coup. 

But unfortunately for him, he was neither OK with the head of the army, nor with the head special forces  so he had to be dealt with. He had even convince the president, unfortunately for him, the head of the special forces learn what awaited him and staged his coup first.

So what is really the real reason behind this coup?

Is it the projected reason (free the population),

Is it simply to save them-self, or 

Is it a bit of both 

the coup leader has served in the french legion and is married to a french, are the french behind it?

and according to an article from the, a team of about a dozen Green Berets had been in Guinea since mid-July to train about 100 soldiers in a special forces unit led by Colonel Doumbouya, and they may have left while the trainers where sleeping to go stage the coup. so is there any involvement of the Americans?

What ever the reason behind it, we hope that it will result in the well being of the guinea people. 


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